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Hanna & Henri - The Robot

1.99 usd

Highly Recommended! - teacherswithapps.comBuild a robot with Hanna & Henri!
Let your kid take part in this adventure where Hanna & Henri goes to Hanna's aunt to build a robot. Along the way they get to do educational things like sorting fruit and to choose correct colors.
Spocknick pushes the start button and the robotstarts to blink and make noises.All of a sudden it says:“Hello, my name is…” “What is my name?”
Build the robot in many different ways from everyday objects. Your kid's creativity will be engaged and decides what the robot should look like. See the robot come to life!
The tale alternates between interactive moments and games, and is presented with a narrator and subtitles. The app itself is free from commercials and does not link to external content. There is nothing to buy in this app.
*KNOW WHAT'S INSIDE* As a MOMs with Apps member, we follow the "Know what's inside" best practices for kids’ apps
===================== * no links to external web sites * no ads * no tracking functions * no share functions * no in app-purchases ======================
Within the app you can choose english and swedish as language. You can choose to have the narrative voice active or turned off. If its turned off, text will be displayed and you can read it as a regular book.
===================== U.S. EnglishU.K. English Swedish =====================
Hanna & Henri is created for preschool children.